Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wednesday, August 26: The Long Trip Home

We stretched the trip home over two days, to give Ron a chance to rest and to keep me from having anxiety attacks over connections.  First, we headed back to the Keflavik Airport and into the IcelandAir Saga lounge for a wonderful European-style breakfast.

We love airport lounges.  They're an island of calm among the tired kids, cranky business travelers and beeping carts.
Breakfast.  Real Canadian maple syrup was available for the pancakes and there was an open bar- self-serve.  Europeans are very civilized about these things.
Our flight took us over Greenland again, but slightly north of where we'd been on the trip over.  We marveled at the massive glaciers.

After an on-time landing, we spent the night in a hotel near the airport property and flew home the next morning.  Already we're planning on going back to Iceland next year! 

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