Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday, August 11: Whale Watching

I chose today for a whale-watching trip.  Ron and I had done this on our visit two years ago and had seen quite a few whales as well as puffins and other critters. It's all a matter of luck, though;  this time we saw several pods of playful porpoises and a lot of seagulls.  The guide suggested that perhaps the puffins were scarce because this time of year the fledglings are learning to get their own food so the adult birds stay closer to the nest and don't have to go as far to forage.  

I still enjoyed it- it was a beautiful day out on the water and -bonus!- one of the passengers was a woman from Paris and she and I had a good time chatting in French.  The guide brought his dog on board and the dog did a good job of cleaning up the crumbs from my snacks as they fell on the deck.

More wandering after lunch.

Very common in Iceland but, at about $36 excluding beverages or dessert I passed it up.

This hot dog stand always had a line- maybe because, at $5 each, they were cheap by Reykjavik standards.

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